Don’t stop now, we can end AIDS!

The International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) takes place in Washington D.C., 22 -27 July, and is a highly significant event for those working in the field of HIV, bringing together HIV activists, governments, donors and other key institutions.

An HIV awareness play is performed in Zambia (c) Gideon Mendel for the Alliance. The conference theme, ‘turning the tide together’, reflects that this is a unique moment in history: if we take the right approach, we can bring an end to AIDS.

For that, we have to invest in community-led approaches, centred on human rights.

Are you ready to end AIDS? Then sign the Washington Declaration.

The declaration recognises the fact that we stand at a unique time in the history of the AIDS epidemic. Through new scientific advances and societal, political and human rights gains, it is possible to turn the tide against the AIDS and begin to end the epidemic in our lifetimes.

On 24 July we joined the We Can End AIDS march, which brought together activists who fight AIDS and work for economic justice and human rights, to demand political will to bring an end to AIDS.

Check out photos from the march below. Visit for more details.

Our key messages for AIDS 2012: Don’t Stop Now! Community-led approaches are essential to universal access to quality HIV services

We’re calling for communities at higher risk of HIV to fully participate in the response, including in National AIDS Plans and Global Fund coordination mechanisms. Read more here.

Don’t Stop Now! A human rights approach must be the foundation of the HIV response

We’re campaigning for national laws which do not criminalise those most affected by HIV and protect them from human rights violations, stigma and discrimination and lack of access to HIV services. Read more about human rights at AIDS 2012.

Don’t Stop Now! We must invest in a combination of interventions that are proven to work best

We demand that governments and donors make strategic investments that combine HIV interventions focused on those most at risk, community mobilisation and human rights-based HIV programmes. Read more here.

Don’t Stop Now! Globally agreed financing targets for the HIV response must be met

We’re calling for the Global Fund to be fully funded and for donors to scale up their global response. You can TAKE ACTION by endorsing the WECARe+ petition for the replenishment of the Global Fund.

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