Transgender and transsexual dating websites to meet ladyboy all around the world

Whether you are looking for a casual hookup or for a lasting relationship it can be a bit tricky to do so with the world we live in now. This even proves to even be harder if you are a transsexual. With the age we live in now, everyone seems to be finding their significant others online. Most of the mainstream dating sites and apps are dedicated to straight people this is very problematic since these sites are normally the most reliable ones. This means that it is very difficult to check whether the transsexual dating site you are visiting is legitimate. But don’t worry, here at WPP (What’s Preventing Prevention) we got your back!

At Preventing Prevention, we aim to make your dating life easier by giving you honest and complete reviews of the various dating websites around. You will never have to worry about us giving biased reviews. With our reviews, you have less to stress about so you can just focus on finding the perfect one to have hot passionate relations with.

What do we do? Find the best Transgender & transsexual dating websites

Have you ever just made do with using the conventional dating apps and sites just to know they are not bogus and to avoid scams? Although these sites are open to all, you will often have greater difficulty to find like-minded people. This is why it is really the best option to go to sites which are dedicated to trans experiences. Not only will you find a match faster you would also meet only open-minded people who are either part of the community or admirers and supporters of it. The only problem that some trans have with these sites is their lack of credibility. It can be very hard to trust unknown sites especially since you are giving your personal information in most of them and some of them are even paid. This is where we, at What’s Preventing Prevention, come in.

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What’s Preventing Prevention gives you honest and complete reviews of the various trans dating apps and sites available around the web. Through our reviews, you will have a complete view of each website, from how they work, their features, their costs, and how they compare to similar websites. These are all important since most trans dating websites require a monthly fee in order to get the full experience.

Our site is not just like any other review site you find online. We believe that the only way to truly and completely review anything is to experience it first hand. This is why you can be assured that we have tried and tested all of the websites that we reviewed. Doing so will not just give you a better picture of the site but this makes the review richer. Most reviewing sites just rely on existing user reviews but you will never find that here. Our dedicated team takes the time and effort to give you the best reviews.

We strive to make it easy for you to find your match whatever their and your sexual orientation may be. This is why we review not only sites which are exclusively for transsexuals but we also include sites which are open to everyone. The sites we review also have different goals, some are more for casual relationships and steamy nights, others are for long lasting affairs, and some can be both. So whatever your sexual orientation is and whatever type of relationship you are looking for we have got your back!

How do we work to review dating sites ?

So how does our process work? We look at these key things when we do our reviews:

  • Website interface;
  • Ease of Navigation;
  • Features;
  • Pricing;
  • Number of members; and
  • Overall Experience

Based on these criteria we start reviewing each website.

We first start with the appearance of the website. The website interface should be enticing but still easy to the eyes. There should be all of the information needed within the website be it in the ABOUT page or on the FAQ page. The completeness of information shows that the site has nothing to hide and that they are transparent and want their users to know each and every detail of their site.

The ease of navigation is another aspect which is extremely important. You wouldn’t want to make mistakes just because the site was not organized well. Sites which are easily navigated will help you find hot carnal encounters faster and without the hassle of trying to figure out what to do. This will also save people who are not so tech-savvy and increase the scope of the website. This means that transgenders from older generations can also enjoy hot carnal encounters without troubles.

Of course, what good is any site if its features suck. Each dating site has their own specialized set of features but great ones usually have the basics. It should allow you to see other people’s profiles even on a free account. This way you would be able to scout out what fish are available before taking the plunge and getting a paid subscription. Another great feature we look for is any way which shows the authenticity of the members. Great dating sites would not allow users to make multiple accounts, this prevents you from potentially getting catfished. In line with authenticity, sites should look at whether or not users are putting up their real pictures or not. Some other great in-app or in-site features are chatting and live video. This will help you start getting to know your possible match in-depth and to test out the merchandise before meeting in person.

Best value dating sites to meet LGBT

Sadly, in the world we live today, nothing is free anymore. Even our favorite dating sites have costs attached to them. The first thing we look at is whether or not the site offers free trials or free accounts. This will help you enjoy scrolling through the profiles without paying for anything. Free trials are also a great way to check and get to know the site. You would not want to get stuck with a site which doesn’t cater to your needs. As for paid accounts, we look at discounts and bundles. Sites which offer free months or bonuses depending on the package are great signs. This means that they are not just in it for the money but they actually want the trans community to grow, get connected, and to get it on with each other.

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A dating site, especially one as specialized as the ones on our site, is only as good as the quality and quantity of its members. Trans dating sites are there to increase your pool and allow you to meet members and admirers of the community without difficulty so it really doesn’t make any sense if there are limited members. It would also be great if the site is open not just to transgenders but also to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and even straight people. Another thing we look at is the reach of the website. Who wouldn’t want to grab the opportunity of having an overseas paramour? The more worldwide members the site has the better it is for your sexual encounters.

Overall experience to date transgender & transsexual around you

The final thing we look at is the overall experience. We make sure we take a hands-on approach in order to give you the big picture. We brave the sites and fight through the hotness of the members of each site in order to give you an unbiased opinion. We will serve as your taste testers for each site so you would not have to get burned or poisoned by any site. Our in-depth and hands-on approach makes us reliable and ensures that we do not simply just base our opinions on user reviews which can oftentimes be unreliable.

We see to it that the sites we recommend will have all or most of the boxes ticked. All criteria have equal weights but we have to say that the overall experience takes away the cake as the most important. By trying the site and it passing our tastes, we ensure that it is not just simply good on paper. All these combined will ensure that you will only be given quality reviews and you will only need to try quality dating sites.

LGBT enthusiast – Who is this site for ?

This site is for anyone who has an open mind and is interested in the trans community. Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, intersex, queer, or straight, we welcome you with open arms. Of course, we still specialize in the trans experience and trans dating sites but this does not mean that admirers cannot visit our site. Our site is for anyone who is looking for information on transsexual dating especially as to which dating sites are worth your time.

How to date a trans and ladyboy on dating websiteSo this means that whether you are a transsexual or not, it doesn’t matter everyone can enjoy the same carnal experiences. Our site’s openness also reflects on most of the sites we review. A lot of them, like us, are focused on trans dating but they are also open to all sexualities. This kind of open community and acceptance from anyone is what we need to have the best time and have passionate experiences.

Our website is really nothing without its users. This is why we highly encourage you voicing out your opinions in the comments section. This will help in making the conversation around the community richer. Have you used any of the dating sites we review? Maybe you know someone who has. Talking about your experience and whether or not it is the same as what we have experienced with the site will help other users like you know which sites to trust and which to stay clear of.

All those things being said and it also goes without saying that this website is definitely not for people who are closed minded. People who would just stir up trouble and do not accept personal choices. We are happy to be your first introduction to trans dating but we hope that everyone will treat each other with respect.

Our Team and core values

Pretty Transsexual online looking for partnersKnowing the struggles within the transgender community when it comes to dating, we created this site to share our knowledge, opinions, and recommendations of the various dating sites available. We created the site in hopes to make trans dating more accessible to everyone and to also start the conversation and hopefully acceptance of all sexual orientations.

We are a diverse team which has made it a passion and mission to give you the best quality reviews. It is our greatest pleasure to skim through the interweb for the best sites for you and your sexual encounters.

Each of us has their own opinions and are masters of our own fields. Together, we combine opinions on the best and safest sites to meet transsexuals online. With the increase of interest and awareness of the community, there will also certainly be a rise of sites which would try to take advantage of this. We are here to safeguard you from such scams and to keep the fire burning between trans people.

Conclusion : Check out our reviews to find your dating website

When we recommend trans sites this is not merely a simple praise. This means that the site is truly trustworthy and worth your time and money. We also make sure that the website will give you the best experience and hottest encounters. We only recommend sites which care for and love their users this is the only way that you can easily find your match for the night or even longer.

To start looking at the website we have reviewed, please click on one of the the tabs above or the link on the side. From here, you can start checking out our reviews for various dating sites so you can start chatting and meeting others. If you have websites that you know and would want us to review, please do comment them in any of the comments sections on each of our articles. This will get the conversation rolling. We also appreciate any other input to increase the opinion on all the dating sites.