Adult Friend Finder ( reviews : is it a scam or legit ?

Adult Friend Finder: The best dating site for you ?

Finding friends in a new city or workplace can be extremely difficult. The same also goes for finding people who you connect with a sexual level. It used to be 100 times harder but now there are a plethora of choices online. If online dating is so popular and successful, there’s no way that there aren’t a few legit sites where you can make adult friends in your area with similar interests. is one of the more familiar and popular sites.

Adult Friend Finder reviews : sign up, members, advantages, refunds, scam

Scams are common on many Internet dating sites. Many will tell you that there are fake profiles, people who offer you fake appointments or just a lack of choice on the profiles around you. So what should we think of this site? Is it serious and should you register on AdultFriendFinder? Let’s see on this article our reviews about Adult Friend Finder whether we recommend or not this dating site.

In this complete review of Adult Friend Finder, we look at whether it is a haven or a scam site. We look at the overall experience, the quality of matches, and the costs.

What is Adult Friend Finder?

In 1994, Andrew Conru created Web Personals, the first online dating site ever. In 1996, after selling Web Personals, he created Friend Finder, which is considered as one of the first social networking sites ever — yes it came out even before Facebook. Only a few days after Friend Finder went live, the creators noticed that people are mostly posting very risque or even naked pictures of themselves. That is, of course, what the internet is for, after all. Very shortly thereafter, Conru decided to start what he described as a “release valve” for Friend Finder. And in 1996, was born, providing the first adult-oriented social networking site.

It is very likely that you have heard about Adult Friend Finder. It is even on the list of the top 100 sites in America. It is up there in popularity with tinder, OkCupid, and But what really sets it apart is its focus on casual hook-ups.

Unlike on other sites where there is the initial feeling out of whether this user is down for a casual sexual encounter, it is blatantly seen on Adult Friend Finder. Just by looking at the pictures on the websites anyone looking for a more serious relationship would be wanting to turn around. Most pictures and advertisements are very sexy and give the impression of something more fun and adventurous. Not to mention and its tagline “meet someone for fun tonight!” This means that this site is not for the closed-minded or those who are not open to casual relationships.

How to sign up on ?

Signing up is easy on Adult Friend Finder. Like in most sites you are asked the basics such as you age, sex, location, and who you are interested in. But what sets it apart from the other top tier dating sites are the additional questions.

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We found that the questions are pretty detailed more than we expected for a site which advertises itself as a hookup site. Like in any other sites, the more answers you have the more likely you’ll be matched with someone you are compatible with. So definitely do not skimp out on answering.

Initial questions are more basic like your hair color, eye color, height, cup size (for women), etc. Then we move on to personality tests you see similar to After this, there is the hilarious Purity test which you might’ve taken with your friends. There are 100 questions which look at what you have done sexually and what have not. Basically, the lower your score is the more impure you are.

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Pricing and costs about this dating site

The great thing about this site is that you can get a ton of features even without having to pay but of course paying for the gold membership will give you an extra advantage. You also have more chances of getting points. These points are the non-monetary currency in AdultFriendFinder. Of course, if you are a gold member, you are given a set of points already but if you are a basic user you can still earn points by doing in-site activities. But getting all the points you need to have the same features as a Gold Member can take forever so if you are really curious just go ahead and pay for the monthly fee.

If you are a man, it might be better if you get a Gold Membership as some female users claim they don’t meet with men who are not Gold Members. Plus if you use the site a lot and find yourself to be a regular getting a Gold Membership is worthwhile. You don’t just have an edge you also have more chances of hitting the gold!

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It is typical for sites like this to offer cheaper prices the longer your paid time period is. Below are the different prices and different time periods.

  • Monthly Subscription – 40$ per month (billed monthly)
  • Quarterly Subscription – 81$ per quarter or 27$ per month (billed quarterly)
  • Yearly Subscription – 240$ per year or 20$ per month (billed yearly)

Features about AdultFriendFinder

In a view to show you why Adult Friend Finder is different from the sites, let us review you the different features about this dating site to show you that it may fit your needs.

The high number of members

The first thing you should look like when considering any site is the quality and number of members. As one of the more popular dating sites, there are a lot of users and members who you can have fun with tonight. The top three countries that use adult friend finder are the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is a website that is severely dominated by the English language in the countries that speak it.

Of course with its popularity comes with fake accounts and scammers. It has been under fire for a couple of years for the high number of fakes and we will discuss this later. They are trying to combat fake users by asking users to post a picture of themselves with a written sign of their username. This is of course not foolproof and also not required.

Search and Filter

The main sections for searching are: who’s online, who’s on instant messenger, new matches, members near me, advanced search, kink search and browse. These search functions can be seen in the image below. If you want to look for someone to hook up with immediately your best bet would be the “who’s online filter”.

AdultFriendFinder has a forum, live chat, search filters for dating site

There are also other advanced searches which let you look at users based on their gender, physical appearance, location, and preferences.

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The live-action section of the website is not so much for online dating but for watching live WebCam shows. As members of the website, you can also choose to broadcast yourself live to the rest of the community. You can make money based on “tips” the other members send your way.

What’s hot

The what’s hot section is a great way to find the most attractive men and women on adult friend finder. You can sort by the hottest photos, hottest videos, hottest albums, hottest members, and top members.


The what’s hot section is a great way to find the most attractive men and women on adult friend finder. You can sort by the hottest photos, hottest videos, hottest albums, hottest members, and top members.

Reviews and Testimonials about Adult Friend Finder

Now that we have looked at the features and what AdultFriendFinder is about we will go on to a full review. First, let’s look at the interface and ease of use.

People live now you can meet up today on in UK, USA, AustraliaThe overall interface is very easy to navigate. You will also be rewarded with a bunch of enticing pictures of attractive users. It is also very easy to see and navigate the features that you want to use. The website does not have an application but the mobile version of the site is very nicely made and makes it easy for messaging on your phone.

A review is not complete without looking at the testimonials of the people who have used the site. Aside from our own experience we also looked at reviews on TrustPilot which is a third-party site, ensuring that there is no bias.

Users really liked the variety of users on the site as well as the free features that are available. The popularity of this site does come with a double-edged sword since there are a lot of scammers on the site. Men complain that they get a lot of messages from women who seem real at the beginning but turned out to be users just asking for money. There are also fake profiles so catfishing is also very popular.

Aside from problems with the users, there are problems with the location feature. Some users experience getting profiles of people who are in a different town or even country from them which puts a damp on the “hookup tonight” tagline of the site. There are also complaints regarding billing by not just one user but several ones. People either get billed wrongly or billing continues even after it was canceled by the user.

Our Verdict : do-we recommend AdultFriendFinder ?

We conducted the survey, analyzed several criteria and finally listed the dating site and gave an objective review of AdultFriendFinder because we believe it is a reliable site that meets the criteria that could be expected. Indeed, the choice of member is important, the quality of service is up to the task and if you decide to switch to one of the paid plans, you will definitely have a great advantage to meet people around you. has been ranked top adult dating site, got rewards and testimonials

AdultFriendFinder is a great website to look for hookups around your area. Its abundance of users makes sure that you will definitely get to at least talk to someone interesting and see where it goes. However, it is not without its negatives so you really need to be careful when you use it.

Overall, we recommend you to use AdultFriendFinder if you are not looking for anything serious. However, we do advise you to not get the Gold Membership right away especially not unless they fix the billing problem that we have been seeing.

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