Out Personals reviews : is outpersonals.com a scam or legit ?

OutPersonals.com: Ticket to Fun and Adventure or a Scam?

Looking for a fun and casual relationship but everyone around you is either taken or wants a serious relationship? Maybe you and your partner are looking for a way to spice up your relationship. OutPersonals promises you fun and casual encounters with its other users.

Out Personals : sign up, create profile, search and chat with gays around you

Before registering on Out Personals, did you check the user reviews and testimonials? Do you think this is a scam or a reliable site? Scams are frequent on dating sites: studying the reviews and testimonials of OutPersonals.com’s consumers before registering is an essential thing to be sure of your choice.

But is OurPersonals really the haven for gay men and women, bisexuals, swingers that it promises? In this article, we dive into the features, interface, and what other users say about the site combined with our own experience. So if you want to get to know OutPersonals well before creating your own profile then read on.

OutPersonals : Fun and Hookups for the Adventurous ?

OutPersonals is heavily marketed for gay men but now it has users who are gay women, bisexuals, and even couples. The site boasts itself as the most important website for gay men. They also claim that you can find gay men, bisexuals, and even straight men who are interested in gay men. It is also the fastest-growing website for those interested in gay men with its 1.2 million users.

Although OutPersonals is known for more casual relationships, there are also those who have success stories in finding their perfect match on the site. Not everyone also joins for dating. There are also those who might be just looking for friends or a sense of online community. So whether you are looking for hookups, forever partners, or great friends you can definitely find it on OutPersonals.com.

How to Sign-up on OutPersonals.com ?

Similar to other dating websites, sign up is quick and easy. You only need 1-3 minutes to complete the initial registration. You will only be asked for your gender (man, bi couple, group, etc). You are then asked what you are looking for, your birthday, country you are in, and your region. There are all basic and should not take long for you to finish. Once you hit the registration button an verification email is sent to you.

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However, only your profile creation is free. Once you want to connect with other users you would need to pay for the subscriptions in order to message your prospects. We find this part actually very misleading since they advertise it as free but in truth only signing up is free.

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Cost and Pricing

Most dating sites no matter what the target market is usually has a tiered form of pricing. OutPersonals.com is no different. There are two types of memberships: basic and gold. Each has different price points and of course inclusions. Below is a rundown of the prices and inclusions in each of the memberships.


Cost: Free


  • Profile Creation including an introduction about you and your preferences
  • Uploading of Profile Picture
  • Searching
  • Hot List


Costs per duration

  • One-month subscription for $29.96/month (billed monthly)
  • Three-month subscription for roughly $12.95/month (billed quarterly or $51.80 per billing period)
  • Twelve-month subscription for roughly $6.95/month (billed annually or $125.10 per billing period)
  • There is a three-month free trial for platinum membership that you can avail of


  • All inclusions of Basic Membership
  • Sending emails and instant messages
  • Video chats
  • Advanced Search
  • Appear on top of all searches
  • Exclusive access to all new members for three days
  • You can top up your Gold Membership to let basic members message you. This will set you back anywhere from $8.95 per month (annually billed or $107.40 per billing period) to %19.95.



Messaging is similar to any dating site out there but only premium members can reach out to other users. Basic users can only reach out to Premium members who have top-ups that allows for them to be contacted. So if you are a premium member you can send instant messages, e-mails, and also do video chats.

Review OutPersonals about member benefits : premium advantages, messaging and guarantees

The only down-side is that there is no mobile app available so it can be hard for those on the go to keep up with their messages. There is a nicely optimized mobile app but nothing beats the portability and user experience on an app.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy on the site is pretty decent. The privacy agreement on the site is very extensive so you are sure your data will not be shared to thir-party sites. Users need to verify their e-mail before being able to fully set-up their profile. However, there has been a considerable amount of complaints about the fake sites on the app. We will discuss this more later.


Searching is easy and straightforward. Basic users can filter other users through location, age, and relationship preferences. This is a pretty basic search and even if you find a great match, you will not be able to message them.

OutPersonals.com : dating site to meet and have a date with gays and homosexuals

Gold members on the other hand can get a more detailed search which will let them find their guy more precisely. Their advanced search includes filtering out preferences on height, ethnicity, education, smoking and driving habits and even blood type! Of course you can also look at sexual activity preferences for you to get that hot steamy night you have been waiting for.

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Hot List

For those who have tried different dating sites, the hot list is not a new thing for you. This nifty feature lets you take note of profiles you are interested in so you won’t have to lose track of them. It is also a great way for those who are playing the field to keep track of profiles. Basic users can also list profiles on their hot list first before deciding to upgrade to premium to finally message them.

Three-month free guarantee

The three-month free guarantee is something unique to OutPersonals.com. It is probably one of the few if not the only site which offers you free months if you do not get laid. To be eligible, you must log in at least once, send three emails, and make at least one blog or group post each month during your initial membership.

Reviews and Testimonials about Outpersonals.com

The interface of Outpersonals is pretty straightforward. Navigation is very easy with the search and filters right at the top of the page. You can also access your hotlist pretty easily. The mobile version of the site is also optimized well and you will not have the annoying predicament of having to scroll to the left or right since the page is not optimized well. The only thing we would like to point out is that the whole OutPersonals site is pretty dark. This might be a problem with those who have a problem with their sight.

Now no review is complete with looking at testimonials and experiences of existing or past users. Their reviews combined without own experience will give you an insight into whether OutPersonals.com is a scam or not.

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Overall the sentiment over the site is mixed. There are a bunch of users who find it very useful and really helped them find a great hookup and some even a partner. We particularly like the three-month free if you do not get results. This shows that they are really serious with their promise of casual and exciting encounters for its users.

Those who were disappointed were complaining about the number of fake users on the site. Past users even claim that there might really just be a handful of real users and the others are just either fake accounts or scammers. This is primarily due to the security of the site. Although email verification is present, it is still pretty easy to just make a bunch of emails in order to go ahead with making a fake profile. Verification of your picture is also non-existent.

Aside from this, we also find it a bit inconvenient that basic members cannot message other users. We understand that this could be a way to filter through fakes but most sites and apps offer free messaging to all its users.

Our Verdict : our final review about OutPersonals

In order to guide you in your choice, our study analyzed dozens of opinions and customer testimonies to know if this site is serious or not. So, is Out Personals a reliable dating site or a scam to avoid? Here is our transparent personal reviews about OutPersonals.

OutPersonals.com is a huge community for those looking for a great time with a gay man. Whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, or even a bi couple you can find someone interested on the site. This is a great place to explore and be adventurous. However, it is not without its faults. There are also webcams that you can enjoy. From security issues to payment issues these are all complaints on past users.

So what is our verdict? We recommend OutPersonals.com for those who have some buck to spend on dating sites especially if you are looking for a fun time. If you are willing to shell out some money this is a great site for you, especially with the three-month free guarantee. However, if you are wanting to stay as a basic member this might not be a worthwhile site for you.

Do you want to find your perfect guy now? Then head on to OutPersonals.com and create your profile.

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