ALT ( reviews : is it a scam or legit ? Place for Great Fantasies or a Scam

Have you been trying hard to look for a site which satisfies your BDSM fantasies and fetishes? Then is the place for you. It is a sizzling hot site where you can definitely find the hottest and best experiences you can have.

On this article, we will further discuss what is. It’s Pros and Cons and whether or not it is worth it. We also have a detailed review of the whole site so you don’t have to waste your time trying it.

If you want to have dates with LGBT enthusiasts, you need to verify online the safety of the websites you will sign-up to meet-up. A lot of scam and not legit profiles are created so you have to choose a website that filter those. Is a scam according to customer reviews ? Checking honest reviews and testimonials will allow you to know if you can trust the website and have a lot of choice around your neighborhood to catch up with LGBT people.

Before subscribing on any dating sitee, having a look to the Customer reviews and testimonial is essential. To conclude our article, we are going to give you a final overall review after dating a few LGBT people from

What is is a site for BDSM enthusiasts and those who are curious about this lifestyle. It is open to everyone, from beginners and those who are exploring to those who have been enjoying the lifestyle for a while. Members can either be individuals or even couples who are looking for someone to help them spice up their sex life. Since the community is very diverse, it allows its users to have to the opportunity to match with different types of people who might even let them experience something new. is a BDSM dating website for english fetish lovers

Users of bond over bonding (pun intended). It is definitely not for those who are into a vanilla kind of relationship and more fitted for more open-minded and adventurous users. Most members are also looking for no strings attached sex or casual relationships so if you are looking for something serious this may not be for you as well. Whether you prefer to be a Dom or a Sub, there is a chance that you can find someone to have great fun on the site.

The Signup Process on

Signing up is initially easy and free for the basic account. The basic sign-up process only has five questions. First, you would be asked whether you would like to register as a male, female, couple, or group. This means that not only singles are welcomed to join the community. You will also be asked for other personal information such as your age, race, sexual orientation, body type, marital status, and role (dominant or submissive).

How to create an account on a BDSM dating site :

After this initial sign up you would then be asked lengthy questions. These questions might be annoying and a bore for some people to answer but these questions checks if you really know what you want in a sexual relationship. This is also a great way for other users to verify whether that particular profile is fake or not.

Note that is very strict when it comes to verifying your email address. You cannot fully use your profile unless you have verified it through the link sent to your email address.

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Key Features about this dating site

So what exactly does offer? What does it have that other sites do not? Below is a list of the key features and some descriptions.

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  • Hotlist creation – Hotlist allows you to have a list of all the profiles that you are interested in.
  • Know who is viewing your profile – This feature allows you to know who is interested in you. This is a great addition and a feature that most dating sites do not have. Now you can easily match with someone because you know they are interested.
  • See you have been matched with
  • Live video and webcam footage broadcast – On you do not only have the option to record your intro but also view and record live videos and webcam footage.
  • Interaction with other users – It allows you to send messages, pictures, videos, and even voice messages so you can have the best and sexiest encounters.
  • Host your own blog – As a user, you have the freedom to write your own blogs about your BDSM experiences and your kinks. This is great for aspiring writers or those who just want to share their experiences. There are also magazines found on the site which can help those in the community explore more kinks and fetishes.
  • Hot or Not – uses some form of an algorithm but you still have the freedom to choose your matches. The hot or not, lets you choose those you are attracted to and not be matched to those who you do not like.
  • Star sign compatibility – If astrology is something you rely on when it comes to compatibility you are in luck because gives you the details on whether or not you are compatible with the other user.
  • Testimonials – You and other users can write about your BDSM experience within and outside the app.
  • My Kinks – Although everyone on is adventurous when it comes to sex there would still be some incompatibilities. My kinks allow you to list down all your kinks and fetishes to get the hottest matches.

Pricing and Cost: Try it for Free or add a little extra for the full experience

Signing up is free but of course, like most dating sites you would need to pay a little extra to maximize the site fully below is a list of what you can get for a free membership versus a paid membership. Fees can be paid through PayPal or debit card.

Alt : reviews and testimonial about in UK, Australia, USA

Free membership to try by yourself

Having a free membership allows you to do the following:

  • Registration
  • Photo Upload
  • Joining chat
  • Flirt
  • Send flowers
  • Add to hotlist
  • Add as friend
  • Hot or Not
  • Search
  • Kink Search
  • Live member webcams

Silver membership to upgrade your account

Purchasing the silver membership will cost you 22.94$ per month or an annual fee of 123.55$. This membership allows you to have the features of the basic membership plus the following:

  • View and contact members
  • Show up after Gold Members in a searches
  • Contact new users
  • Access to live and saved member intros
  • Partial access blogs, groups, and magazine features
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Read and receive messages
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Access to pay per view adult movies

Gold Membership to access full features on the dating site

The Gold Membership can set you back 34.44$ per month or an annual fee of 185.26$. This membership allows you to have the previous features mentioned and the following:

  • Your profile will show up first in searches
  • Have the ability to contact new members before anyone else
  • Full access blogs, groups, and magazine features
  • Have access to messaging account profiles of other members

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ALT.COM Review and User Testimonials

We have laid out what, how it works, and its prices now it is time for us to complete the reviews by looking at the interface and experience within the app. Before subscribing on any dating site, having a look to the Customer reviews and testimonial is essential. To conclude our article, we are going to give you a final overall review after dating a few LGBT people from


The interface of the website is similar to what most dating sites look like. It has a black background with a hot and sexy banner. You also get videos and pictures of BDSM positions and activities. However, you must note that not all the pictures are of actual actors. Even the site cautions that some of the pictures are models and are not users of the sire. So if you are relying on you joining based on the pictures on the homepage you better think twice before buying a membership. Aside from the pictures being potentially models, they are also scattered very messily. Having a lot of pictures is great to attract users but it might also chase away users who see BDSM as a lifestyle and not just as a kink.

International dating site : more than 1 million members on ALT

Overall, the website is easy to use. You see immediately on the top bar all the links you need as a user. There are also descriptions about what the site is and who it is for. The website is also optimized for mobile viewing and they have an app which is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Another great thing about the site is that it is available in seven different languages (English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Svenska)so users from different countries can also use it at ease.

Testimonials from Users

Any review is not complete without testimonials from users. All testimonials and opinions are from TrustPilot which is a reliable third-party site. This is done to avoid any form of bias towards the site. has great features but unfortunately, it did not quite hit the mark with its users. It only got a 2 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot. This shows that users are not quite happy with their experience on the site. True enough when you look at the testimonial almost all of them is negative. Most of the users are complaining about fake accounts. Most of the accounts according to users are actually models and are just there to scam you. You will also see an influx of messages and emails as soon as you register to persuade you to spend more on membership fees.

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Aside from fake accounts, there have also been incidents where users are asked by females on the site to buy them toys or send them money. This is, of course, the user’s own if they want to send money but the fact that they are on the site makes it seem like it is a breeding ground for scammers.

Despite these negatives, there are other users who had a great experience on the site. Some love it for the huge number of members. As BDSM is still not typical in most countries this platform allows more Doms and Subs to connect without the fear of getting judged. a great website but there a lot of scams

As a site and an idea, is great. It is a site which lets its members freely express their kinks and fetishes. It also lets you explore sexuality more. There are also key features which are not typical on other sites like the live video and blog posting features. However, all these great things are clouded by the huge number of fake accounts and catfishing profiles. We do see that they are starting to counter these frauds through tighter verifications but this will not erase accounts already on the site.

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Overall, we can say that if you are into BDSM and are interested in being able to have great escapades with singles, couples, and groups then is a great platform. However, we do not recommend that you get a premium account nor to send money to anyone.

You wanna join this BDSM dating site? Head on to and sign up to a free account. If you have any other experiences on please comment them below to let others know.

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