My Transsexual Date ( reviews : is it a scam or legit ?

Dating has always been hard. You would need to find the right partner and you would usually go through a lot of hits and misses. In the past, you are also limited to your choices since you can only meet a handful of people you are interested in. Nowadays, with technology people from all over the world have a chance to meet and form a relationship.

Yes, it is hard to date even with technology but it is even harder if you are a transwoman. There are very few platforms which are available and if there are, they usually oversexualize transwomen. This then leads to purely sexual relationships and not those which could last. This is what the creators of want to eradicate and the main goal of why they built the website. They want to create a dating platform where transwomen and men who are interested in them can meet and have fruitful relationships. Let’s go deep into a review about My Transexual Date in this article to share you our feedback and analysis.

How did start?

My Transexual Date was created by Cyril Mazur with his partner Maki Gongoyon in 2014. This is actually their second website. Their first one called was first launched in 2013 and catered mostly to Asian countries where “Lady Boy” is the local term for transwomen. However, when they started to expand and include more locations, they decided to launch

My Transsexual Date : quality dating site for transgender and men

The main goal of this website is to create a safe and welcoming environment for transwomen. A platform where they can find true love and not just casual flings. They also want to build a community which is accepting and not judgmental. A safe space from transwomen and men who love them.

What sets it Apart

Although there are not as many transsexual dating sites out there, you can still find a handful of them out there. So how does differ from the rest? The answer lies in their goal and their extensive reach.

Lasting Relations

As I have mentioned earlier, this site is not really for those who are looking for casual encounters and instead it is best for those who want to settle down or look for a serious relationship. In order to uphold their goal and also protect you from catfishing and scams, they have a dedicated team who checks each profile and makes sure that there are no repeat profiles nor anyone who is misrepresenting themselves. This is something that we usually do not see with other dating websites. This just shows how dedicated they are in ensuring you match with the right person and not fall for someone who is not a real person.

Speaking of their dedicated team, the company is composed of transwomen — with the exception of the founder,Cyril. Meaning that from the IT developers to the customer service personnel, they are all transwomen. This does not only ensure that they know the struggles of transwomen personally, but this also means that they want to build a company by transwomen and for transwomen. They make it a point to hire transwomen to help those who are struggling in the job market due to discrimination.

Member Diversity

More than 100000 trans joining the dating has a great variety of members and to date it has 420,000 registered members worldwide and 40,000 of these members are active each month. This gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with people who you never would have in your area.

Aside from a wide variety of members, the website is also available in seven different languages including French, Dutch, Thai, and many more. They are also on track to adding even more languages on their platform. Having many languages allows numerous users to navigate on the website freely and without language barriers. They are also trying to incorporate translation services within the website in order to help connect the bridge between couple of different mother tongues.

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Success stories

This feature on the website is something you don’t see often on dating sites. The success stories on the site shows that it is mainly for people who are looking for their forever partner. Stores posted usually talks about how the couples met and how helped them to find each other. This inspires transwomen out there who might have been struggling in finding a man who would truly love them.

My Transsexual Date reviews : legit or scam ?

My Transsexual Date is it reliable or a scam?

Now that we know more about the background of we can now look at whether it is a reliable website or not. We will check the interface, the number of registered members, languages available, and of course the pricing. This would allow you to have a clear understanding of the website and whether or not it is for you.

The Website

The interface of a dating site can usually make or break it especially if is also trying to appeal to people who may not be as good with the internet. The interface of the website is very clear and straightforward. On the upper part, you will find the login or sign up options. They also give you a feel of the type of people who are on their website just from their homepage since they present a couple of members. This means that for first timers you would already have a sample of what to expect on the website. Another thing we really like with the website is that it has a detailed history of the company. This gives the users a better background of the website and its goals.

How does it work?

Registration on the website is quick in easy. You just need to do these following steps.

Members of MyTranssexualDate in United Kingdom, USA, Australia single available for date

First, you would need to create your profile by filling up the sign up form on the website. The following information will be asked from you:

  • your status (Trans, man )
  • your date of birth,
  • your country of residence,
  • your email and finally, and
  • your preferred name and password.

You may also connect your Facebook Profile to your Dating Profile for easier registration. After you have filled up the form a confirmation email will be sent to you. This is an extra step which most dating sites do not take. It ensures that it you registered a real email.

After this, you can now setup your profile. You will be asked to upload a picture as your profile, this then needs to be approved by the moderators who ensures that you are not misrepresenting yourself. Don’t worry this process takes one hour maximum.

Now, that you have your profile set-up you are all set. Unlike other sites, this does not use algorithm to match users instead they allow you to message and talk to those who interest you. But you can subscribe to their feature which allows you to receive suggestions based on your profile.

Types of Profiles

Signing up to the site is completely free. With a basic profile, you can view and match with the different profiles. Your profile will also remain active for as long as you want even with just a basic profile.

Picture of members of the ladyboy dating site to meet new people

Of course, like most dating sites, they also have premium profiles but what sets them apart is how they charge their customers. All of the features of the website is free for transwomen but men have to pay $10.50 per month to unlock all the features. They did this in order to filter out men who are not serious and may just be looking for something casual. This also filters out scammers and those who only want to sexualize the trans community.

Meet transgenders and shemales near you

Features has a lot of features which will let you get to know your matches better. There are the main features that i has:

Features and advantages : why you should register

  • You can send messages to profiles you are interested in. However, this feature is only free for transwomen and men need to have a premium account.
  • They do not match you using algorithm but they do send you suggestions on profiles you may be interested on your email.
  • You also have the power to block members due to various reasons or hide profiles from your search menu

What lies ahead?

Currently, the platform is only available on website. They were supposed to launch an android and iOS app but they wanted to focus on strengthening their website first. This shows that they are dedicated in really giving a quality experience to their users. Of course, they are still on track to launch their own app. This is unsurprising since most of their users do use mobile phones to access their website. Right now, they have a great optimized mobile website where navigation poses zero problems but having an application is still a better experience. Aside from this, you should expect more languages available on the website to reach more countries and nationalities.

Our opinion and reviews after testing

After having a close look on the website we can definitely recommend it to those who are looking for serious relationships. The interface of the website is easy to navigate and understand. It also offers a welcoming platform for transwomen and men who are interested in them. The best thing about the website is that it is very strict when it comes to accepting members. The moderators are there to check profiles and reject possible bogus ones. They also approve of the pictures uploaded so there is a very small chance of you getting catfished or scammed.

Testimonial about consumer regarding to the dating website to meet transgender

Aside from it being a great dating site, its goal is also very admirable. Although it is relatively young, having been built just six years ago, they are dedicated in removing the stigma around transpeople. They also want to removing the hypersexualization within the community. Of course, there is nothing wrong with casual relationships but they want to show transwomen that they can find lasting relationships with men who love and accept them. The reviews and testimonials about MyTranssexualDate are pretty good when we check the reputation of the website.

They are also dedicated in removing the stigma around the trans community in countries such as South Korea and Indonesia. Countries which has religious laws that are restrictive are also on their list of target countries.

All of these together make a great dating site where you can find acceptance and possibly the love of your life. So what are you waiting for? Head on to the site and start scrolling through the profiles.

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