Gay Cupid reviews : is a scam or legit ?

Gay Cupid: Complete Review and Testimonial

Finding someone your perfect match can be daunting especially when you are relying on conventional ways of finding someone such as in school, at bars, or even through common friends. Things got easier once dating sites became popular and more reliable. However, even with dating sites readily available, people who are in the LGBT+ community still have a hard time looking for serious relationships.

When you want to meet people on the Internet, you have to be wary of certain scams. Dating sites will have false promises: a false community or scams that promise you many encounters but ultimately many false profiles. So what about this dating site? Is Gay Cupid reliable or is it a scam: let’s look in detail in this article at our testimonial and review about Gay Cupid after signing up.

This is where Gay Cupid specializes in. It is targeted at gay men who are looking for serious and committed relationships. Of course, you will still get the occasional messages for hookups but this is generally for those who are looking for their perfect matches.

In this article, we take a look at the ins and outs of Gay Cupid. We look at the sign-up process, the features, and most importantly we nose dive into investigating whether it is a scam or not.

Gay Cupid, the key to love or just another dating scam?

GayCupid part of the plethora of sites managed and owned by Cupid Media. Some of its sister sites are OkCupid and LesbianCupid. Sites created by Cupid Media are known to be of great quality, reliable, and has a huge member list. GayCupid is highly marketed for gay men who are in search of finding love and a serious relationship, GayCupid has grown its member base to more than 200,000 singles since its launch in 2002. However, it is not surprising that there is also a small percentage of gay women members on the site. Being from a reliable company and with hundreds of success stories, it is no wonder why this is one of the more popular sites for gay men and women.

GayCupid : meet and have a date with a single gay man through a dating website

The great thing about GayCupid is that it also has country-specific sites. This means that you will only be presented profiles of people who are in the country or countries you are interested in. This saves you time from having to filter through profiles yourself. This is also a great way to protect you from potentially falling for someone who lives on the other side of the world. On the flip-side, this also opens doors for those interested in finding love in another country.

How to sign up on

Signing up is easy and straightforward. Like in any other dating app, you will be asked for the basics such as your name, age, location, and your preferences. So all-in-all, sign up only take 1-3 minutes (even faster if you have an auto-fill feature on your laptop) and completely free.

E-mail verification is not required nor is uploading a profile. Uploading one does give you a three-month free trial for their premium membership. These two features are great for those who want to dive in straight to the site but we do think this lowers the security of the site. This might just be one of the big pitfalls of this otherwise amazing site. We will discuss this later.

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Pricing and Costs

Like many other online dating sites, GayCupid implements tiered membership to generate revenue for the business. You’ve got the Standard plan, which lets you register and create a profile for free. With basic access to the site, you can then engage in some light profile browsing and match searches. You’ll also be able to express interest by sending generic messages like winks to other users. However, you’ll only be able to get messages from paying members, and even then, your reply options are limited. If you truly want to get in the GayCupid game, you’ll need a Gold or Platinum membership, which come with monthly fees.

How works : subscribe, create profile, tchat and meet with gays

GayCupid accepts payments through all major credit and debit cards. You can also pay by PayPal and bank transfers. You may also have other payment methods depending on your country.

Here is a rundown of what you can get for each of the plans offered and their costs.

Gold Membership

Costs per duration

  • One-month subscription for $24.98/month (billed monthly)
  • Three-month subscription for $16.66/month (billed quarterly or $49.99 per billing period)
  • Twelve-month subscription for $8.33/month (billed annually or $99.98 per billing period)


  • Send and receive messages from other user
  • Instant messaging
  • Ad-free

Platinum Membership

Costs per duration

  • One-month subscription for $29.98/month (billed monthly)
  • Three-month subscription for roughly $20/month (billed quarterly or $59.99 per billing period)
  • Twelve-month subscription for roughly $10/month (billed annually or $119.98 per billing period)
  • There is a three-month free trial for platinum membership that you can try by yourself and test that Platinium is the best option if you want to meet up and have dates with gay around you

3 months free trial on for platinium membership


  • All previous features for Gold and Basic Members
  • Increased visibility on the site
  • Advanced searches and filters
  • Better matching
  • Multi-language support


Any website can be set apart from its competitors by looking at the features that it offers; whether these features are unique to the site or the site has a better version of this feature. Below are the main and standout features that GayCupid has.

Messaging Features

Most of the interaction you will have on GayCupid would take place through the site’s email and instant messaging systems. However, you will not have access to either features unless you are a Gold or Platinum member.

If you do not want to get a premium membership but still want to keep track of users you are interested in, you can add them to you favorites. Another great feature is that you can keep notes of particular profiles. This way you never have to worry about mixing up information among the people you are talking to, saving you from awkward situations and arguments.

The only downside is that GayCupid does not have a mobile app. This means you have to view it through a mobile browser which can be very inconvenient even though the mobile version is really great.

Message translation

Worried about not being able to communicate well with other users because of language barrier? Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore with GayCupid’s message translation. This is a nifty feature that not all dating sites have and this really sets it apart from others. It’s a great way for non-native English speaking users and also for Anglophones who want to speak with other nationalities.

Privacy and Security Features

We have briefly mentioned our disappointment with the security features on GayCupid. The fact that you can create a profile without a verifying your email is very very dangerous. This allows users to just create random and multiple profiles. It also makes it easier for scammers to get on the site and fool the users.

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Another thing that we are iffy about is the lack of profile pictures. Of course, looks are not everything but in dating sites, this is the only way you can notice people. This also makes people vulnerable to catfishing. There is also zero checks on how genuine and accurate profile pictures is if someone does post one.

Quality of Gay Members on

Since it is from the CupidMedia, you can be sure that you will not run out of users to talk to and match with. This is one of the bigger sites directed to gay men so choices are abundant. This, however, can also make it difficult to distinguish real profiles from fake ones.

Other than the higher possibility of fake profiles. The other characteristics of the member quality are great! You can have a lot of matches from people compatible with you. This is shown by the high number of success stories of users who found the right one for them.

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Matching and Search around your area

Unlike other dating sites, GayCupid does not have an optimized and automatic matching with you and other users. It uses the more modern way of letting users filter and go through the profiles of the other users. You are allowed to filter by location and age. There are other more advanced filters that you can use as well to find the best match for you.

Review and Testimonials about

The interface of GayCupid is easy and clean. Chances are if you have used any other website by CupidMedia you can easily navigate through the site. You matches are displayed in the “Matches” dashboard where profiles are displayed with ways to contact (e-mail or IM) directly below the pictures. Gold members are accented with gold while platinum users are accented with blue. This lets users who prefer those who memberships over basic users. Searching is also quick an easy. You only need to tick off your preferences on the filters and advanced filters.

No review is complete without looking at testimonials of people who have used the site before. We are gonna look at testimonials of users and also combine them with our own experience.

Testimonials and reviews about men who found love on

Overall the view on GayCupid is mixed. Users who are happy with it praise it for the variety of profiles they find on the site. They also love the communication tools such as video chat and messaging. We personally like the message translation feature the most. We think that all dating sites should have it not only to break language barriers but this could also be a way to learn a new language.

On the other hand, most negative complaints come from the fact that you need to get a membership before you can even send a message to someone. This is completely different from most dating sites and apps available. Users also complain about the poor tech support and a lot have experienced bugs when signing up. For us, the biggest flaw is the lack of e-mail verification. Security and authenticity should be the number one priority of any site but GayCupid seems to miss the mark on this one.

Verdict : our final review about GayCupid

Is GayCupid reliable or spam ? Is it a scam or a dating site that we can recommend? We registered for several months to test the paid plans, make some meetings and here is our feedback. We want to help our readers make the best choices when it comes to dating sites, that’s why we leave our review and testimonial on Gay Cupid.

GayCupid has a huge network of gay men on their site and has produced a lot of happy endings among its users but it is not without its flaws. From messaging capabilities to security reasons there is still a lot to improve on.

So what is our verdict? We do recommend GayCupid for users. We think that the huge amount of members it has will allow you to find someone to at least go on a date with. However, like with any dating site, you have to be careful. We also recommend that you get a Gold or Platinum membership in order to really enjoy all the benefits.

Do you want to find your perfect match? The head on to GayCupid and create your profile. Have you used GayCupid before? Please write down your experience in the comments section to help other users.

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