Swapfinder (swapfinder.com) reviews : is it a scam or legit ?

SwapFinder.com: Best site for your swinging adventures or not worth it?

The great thing about the internet and how connected people are is that you will definitely find a community and a site for you. Are you looking for the love of your life or a quick hookup? Maybe you’re finding a safe space where you can find people who have the same fetishes as you? Whatever it is there is definitely a site out there for you. The only thing is with the numerous sites out there very few are legit and can actually give you the results that they claim on their sites. This is why we try to go on these sites for you so you won’t have to.

This time we are looking at the ins and outs of the swinging site SwapFinder.com. We will look at whether it is worth it for you to try and if you will fulfill your swinging dreams on the site. SwapFinder.com is a well-known name in the swinger community. It claims to have millions of users around the world and on average has 100,000 users online at any time.

The great thing about this swinging site is that it does not only focus on the hookups but also makes sure that there is a sense of community. This is very important to a lot of genuine swingers since this is what it was initially. But don’t get it wrong, it still claims to give you the hottest hookups. There are also not only open-minded couples on the site but also singles who are interested in the lifestyle.

These all sound great but is SwapFinder.com everything it says it is? In this article, we will look at how it works, the website, our own experience on the site, and customer reviews.

How Does it Work

Signing up on SwapFinder.com is quick, easy, and FREE. Unlike other sites who might ask you question after question, they only ask you your basic information then you have the option to fill in more information about you for better matches once you are in.

Swapfinder is a dating site for swingers

To create your profile, you will be asked for your username, birth date, email, password. Once you have given all those information an activation email will be sent to the email you used. Once you click on that link you are in!

The sign-up process can be finished in five minutes MAX! It is convenient and quick but we do find it lacking and can encourage people to create many profiles without actually using them, more on this later. Of course, the more information you have on your profile the better quality are your matches. So make sure that yous till spend time building your profile once you are in.

Matching Process

There is no actual matching that happens since there is no algorithm involved in the site. This actually seems to be a new way that most dating sites are using. Most of them just allow their users to explore the other users on the site. They will show you profiles that you are more likely to be attracted to so you won’t lose time in just scrolling through without even liking a single profile.

Search Functions

What SwapFinder.com lacks in the matching department it definitely made up for it in its very advanced search functions. You want to find a user in a location different from yours because you are traveling soon or just curious? You can! Connecting to users in any location can easily be done by using the appropriate filters. Want to learn or practice a language? Maybe English is not your first language. SwapFinder.com also allows you to filter users based on the language they speak. This will save you from having to go through an awkward conversation where you need to google translate each response just to understand.

Aside from those two, you can also filter users based on their body type and even the sizes of their breast or penis. Other filters are:

  • distance from user,
  • marital status,
  • zodiac Sign,
  • gender

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How Much Is It?

Like in most dating sites and apps, creating a profile is free but you will not get the full functionality of the website. With a free account, you will be able to view user profiles but not their full profiles. You can also add your photos and videos, comment on photos, and join chatrooms. Creating a hotlist and using the search filter is also available for free users. These are great but you will not be able to send any messages with a free account. This means you need to wait for a premium user to message you before you get a chance to talk to anyone.

How does Swapfinder work? Profile, Search and Chat

As a premium user, you can send instant messages, emails, and send winks. You can also add people as a friend and view videos and photos. You also have full access to the Sex Academy. Unlike most dating apps, there is no tiered pricing on SwapFinder. Prices just differ based on the length of time you are willing to be a premium member. Below is a quick rundown of how much you need to shell out for various periods of time.

  • Basic Account (Free)
  • 1 Month (20$)
  • 3 Months (20$/Month)
  • 12 Months (15$/Month)

Member Quality

Any dating site is only as good as its members so member quality is pretty high up on our books when looking at any site. SwapFinder has many users and it claims to have the hottest couples on the internet. It also has huge claims when it comes to the activity of its users with 100,000 users active at any period. After going around the site and looking at what other people have experienced we see that these claims are not as accurate.

Although it is true that there are a lot of members and a lot of them are quite attractive, a big number of them are fake accounts. There are also catfishing accounts and straight out scamming accounts. There is also a low response rate on the site. Only a few profiles respond to messages which means that these are either fake accounts or dormant ones. Either way, it shows that there is a low chance that you will meet or even talk to anyone on the site.

Special Features

Having a lot of special features is always a good quality for any site and SwapFinder is not short in these great features. Do more that these specialty features are usually reserved for premium members. Here are the ones that we feel are the most note-worthy.

Advanced Messaging

Yes, almost all dating apps has some form of messaging functionality but what sets SwapFinder apart is the number of options you have. You can send an instant message or an email. If you’re feeling a bit shy you can even send just a flirt. For those who can’t wait for when you meet your potential swinging partners, there’s a video chat which lets you do whatever you want. This is also a great option for those who are interested in meeting people from various locations. Finally, there are the chat rooms. These are the usual chat rooms you find on any site but these are focused on the swinging lifestyle.

Swapfinder reviews, description, price of the dating site

Forums and Articles

Since SwapFinder is big on making a community it’s a no brainer that there are forums and articles for its users. These forums and articles are great resources for new and even old swingers. You can ask other users questions about the lifestyle or you can find your answers through various articles on the site.

Social Media like interface

SwapFinder.com is set up similar to a social media website. You can post pictures and videos and comment on those posted by other users. Premium members can also add friends. This social media interface allows you to get to know the other couples and even singles. It also makes those who are new to the lifestyle ease in slowly by seeing profiles of other swingers.

Blocking Members

Like anywhere you might eventually encounter someone who you never want to talk to anymore. Either you were catfished, scam, or even just straight up harassed by this user you definitely need a way to prevent them from contacting you. This is where the blocking system comes to play. Although blocking someone is common on most social media sites, it’s not very common in dating sites and apps so it’s a breath of fresh air to see that SwapFinder has it.

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Security and privacy

The Website

The actual SwapFinder.com website is user friendly and easy to browse. It also doesn’t have naked or sexy pictures scattered everywhere like in some dating sites we’ve seen. This is good since it doesn’t scare away users who hates trashy looking website. The site is also multi-lingual: Spanish, German, English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, even Chinese. You can also see the number of people online even from just the home page before logging in or signing up.

Being able to answer messages and browse through photos on your phone is essential these days. SwapFinder does have a great mobile website where you can easily see pictures and videos but it does not have an app. This doesn’t make SwapFinder mobile.

Another thing we noticed and have also seen complaints about is how buggy the website is. We had to reload the site many times just to get through. Other users claim to have had received error messages when loading the site.

  • user-friendly, easy to browse
  • buggy
  • the site is also multi-lingual: Spanish, German, English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, even Chinese!

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

No review is complete without looking at customer reviews and talking about our own experience. Upon looking further into opinions regarding the site we saw that users are quite divided on this.

Swapfinder reviews and testimonials from clients in the United States, Australia

For one, we and other users really liked the simplicity of the site and that you do not get bombarded by pictures and videos everywhere. The disclaimer about the pictures on the website and that they may not be members is also a great touch since it shows transparency. But we do think that they meant the ads and not the featured members on the homepage. Unlike with other sites where the disclaimer probably encompasses the naked pictures on the home page.

Now onto the not so great side. Similar to our experience, other users also had very low mostly almost zero responses from people they have messaged. We also saw a lot of fake profiles which might be the effect of the easy sign up process. We have also seen complaints about no one even meeting anyone on the site just because of the low number of legitimate accounts. The bugging is also a huge issue for us and the lack of a more mobile version of the site.

Our Verdict

SwapFinder.com is proof that having a huge name and a huge database is not enough. You may have a lot of users but if none of them are actually real profiles then it will not be good for users who are actually there to hook up as your site claims to offer. Despite this, it is a great site for those who just want a first peek into the swingers lifestyle. Getting a basic profile might still be worthwhile but you should definitely think twice before getting a paid membership.

Now that you’ve read through our review and if you still want to sign up to SwapFinder.com just head on over and create your free profile. Otherwise, keep scrolling through our other reviews and you might just find the dating site of your dreams!

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