XMatch (xmatch.com) reviews : is it a scam or legit ?

Xmatch: Haven of Hot Girls or another Scam?

Nowadays, there seems to be a dating site for everything and everyone. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, someone to discover your fetishes, or have the hottest sex of your life, there is definitely a website for you. The only problem is that these sites are now being used to scam users. This is why we took it upon ourselves to look into these websites so you do not have to!

On center-stage for this article is Xmatch. From just by looking at the website of Xmatch you can already see the type of encounters you will get from being a member of this site. Xmatch.com claims to be the hottest sex site in the world! You can meet hot girls from all over the world. Whether you want someone closeby or maybe set-up a date to the city or country you plan to travel to, you will definitely find someone on Xmatch.

 Xmatch: review, evaluation in English

That sounds great and amazing but how true are these claims? In this article, we look at the ins and outs of Xmatch. We will look at whether it really is worth it or if it is just filled with catfishing profiles.

How Does It Work?

Registering on X-match is quick and easy you will just be asked to answer quick questions such as:

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Gender
  4. Who you are attracted to
  5. Username and Password
  6. More information about you and your preferences

You can also register as a group or a couple and you can also prefer to be matched to groups or couples.

The matching process

So now we get into the nitty-gritty of how does Xmatch.com work. Unlike earlier websites, Xmatch does not do matching through an algorithm. It allows users to choose who they are attracted to by liking pictures of other users. You can also look at the “Who’s hot tab” in order to see who the most popular users are on the website. The upside of having no algorithm is that it allows you to have more matches and maybe explore what you never knew you liked before.

Description, price and quality of the dating site

For those who still want some form of narrowing down choices, don’t worry X-Match still has a vague algorithm. Profiles would be presented to you based on your cupid score and your preferences. This means that you will always get profiles you could be interested in first so there’s no need to go through several profiles before finally seeing that one you are interested in. Although this is a good way of filtering out users it is still a bit inefficient especially with the huge number of users it has.

Searching for Profiles

Xmatch.com has pretty advanced filtering and searching functions this is definitely needed due to its lack of algorithm. You can directly search who is online so you can connect immediately with those who are on the site. You can also filter out those who are on the HOT LIST.

Have specific kinks and looking for a partner to do it with? You can easily use the Kink Search and see other users who have the same kink as you. You don’t have to awkwardly ask people you match with what they like cause everything is laid out on Xmatch.com. Even if you did not specify this on your profile you can still use this search through the dedicated “Kink Search”

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How Much Is It?

Like most dating sites, registering for Xmatch is completely free but you need to pay in order to message other users and get more functions. The extra functions you get are the same for all prices it just depends on how much you are willing to invest from the get-go. With a paid membership, you will be able to message other users and see their pictures and videos. Below is a breakdown of how much it will cost you to finally get that exciting encounter:

  • Basic Account (Free)
  • 1 Month (20$)
  • 3 Months (20$/Month)
  • 12 Months (15$/Month)

Member Quality

Xmatch.com claims to have the hottest members on the internet. This is supported by the number of pictures of attractive and sexy women on their website. However, most of these pictures are not actually of users and you can even find this disclaimer on the bottom of the website.

Xmatch is a dating site for adults

Although it is true that there are many attractive profiles on the website there seem to be a lack of response from them. If they do respond it is clear that they are either catfishing or scamming you. So although you have a huge number of potential matches there’s a big chance that a lot of them are false profiles.

Aside from this, Xmatch also has a problem with their ratio. This is a problem for most dating sites actually. There are just more men profile compared to women profiles so this also affects the member quality if there is not an equal amount for both.

Special Features

Xmatch has a lot of special features that make it a great dating app. Here are, in our opinion, its top features:

Detailed Profile

Giving members the option to add a lot of details about them and about their preferences is a good way for them to find the best matches. This is not mandatory on Xmatch since not all users are fond of extensive questionnaires, but having it as an option shows that they value their users to have great matches and detailed searches.

Xmatch customer reviews and testimonials

Advanced Searches

What Xmatch lacks in the algorithm it made up for in its quality of searches. Not only can you filter out people based on their location but you can also filter based on your interests and what you’re attracted to. As we mentioned earlier, you can search for people based on your kinks and what you like in a partner.

Are you traveling somewhere new soon? Maybe you’re just interested in what other people are like in other countries. Whatever it is, in Xmatch you can search by location. This is a great function to have given that most apps and sites are location-based and limits your choices.

Messaging Functionality

Another standout feature is its messaging functionality. Although you do need to be a premium member to enjoy this, it might just be the reason you pay for a membership. It has a common instant messaging function but it also has a video chat function. This video chat function has been known to be used for sex chats. This is also a good option for those who are interested in partners who are in a different location.

How does Xmatch work? Profile, Search and Chat

Social Media-like Functionality

Xmatch.com is like a social media site and a dating site in one. You have a function that allows you to post pictures and to update your profile. You can also follow other users, like their pictures, and even comment on them. Now that stories and live-streaming are very popular, it might also be great for you to know that Xmatch has had a live streaming function for a while. These live streams are often of women users.

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The Website

The Xmatch website is easy to understand and navigate. All you need is laid out on the tabs above. From how the website itself looks you can definitely see what this site is for. With the huge amount of pictures and even videos of naked women, it’s clear that the site is geared towards male users. This probably explains why there is a ratio problem. Although the site is enticing it can also throw off those who want something simpler and less in your face.

Another thing to note about the website is how transparent and clear they are. They themselves are claiming that not all pictures of women are actually submitted by users. Some of them are professionals. Although their transparency is appreciated this may lead you to be disappointed once you do sign up.

On the matter of privacy and security. You can be sure that none of your information especially your card details will be shared with third-parties.

Testimonials and reviews from customers

Now no review is complete without talking about the actual experience on the site. Looking at other customer reviews of Xmatch we see that there is a divide in the opinion of users. However, most of them were quite negative.

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Some users have claimed that they received viruses from logging on the site. We did not personally experience this, however. There are also some premium users who still got charged even though they already canceled their subscription. This is a huge issue especially for those who have a yearly subscription. Another common complaint is the number of fake accounts and we saw this as well. Some accounts you can easily see as fakes while for others it is harder to tell. We guess that since the community has become bigger the validation was not done properly.

Not all reviews were fake. A lot of people liked that there are videos and pictures there even if those were not actual users. This adds to the excitement of scrolling through the site. We also personally like the advanced messaging functions and the social media approach to the news feed since it adds a new level of interaction between users.

Our Verdict

So is Xmatch.com safe and genuine? Well, we see that there is no definite answer to that. We see it as a great platform to meet new people and meet people from all locations. However, you do need to be careful when thinking of getting a paid subscription. With the number of fake accounts and complaints about charges, you might want to try the free version for a few weeks before you get a paid one.

Xmatch is a hot website that offers you a lot of functionality but as with any dating site you need to be careful with dealing with the other users. If you think Xmatch.com is the key for you to find the hottest encounter you have ever had then head over and sign up to Xmatch.com

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