Call for a UK blueprint for an HIV-free generation

In line with the UK’s strong leadership on accountability, human rights, and results, the UK government must leverage its leadership on HIV.

How? By developing a detailed blueprint to map out its role in a global HIV response which invests enough funds in the right programmes for the right people.

As World AIDS Day 2012 approaches, we should find ourselves at a tipping point. We finally have enough information and tools to get the pandemic under control and achieve a world with no new infections, no AIDS-related deaths and where HIV-positive people are healthy and realise their rights.

But the road ahead will not be easy. Global economic recession, shifting donor priorities and the changing nature and location of the HIV pandemic means the UK government must continue to invest and continue to invest in what works.

That’s why we want UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening to take the opportunity this World AIDS Day to announce how they intend to continue the UK government’s essential leadership role to help break the back of the epidemic – once and for all.
Click here to email David Cameron and Justine Greening to ask for a UK Blueprint for an HIV-free generation .

The UK blueprint should:

– Commit to leading the way globally.
– Commit to maintain the current proportion of UK international aid going to HIV.
– Commit to focus on all people affected by HIV, regardless of where they live.
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For World AIDS Day 2012, we will be launching a new report Don’t Stop Now! Calling for a UK Blueprint to achieve an HIV-free generation which will shine a light on the essential role the UK government has played in funding the HIV response over the last 30 years, and proposes a future role they should play in realising the end of the HIV pandemic.

This action is led by the Stop AIDS Campaign – a coalition of over 60 UK NGOs and trade unions working together to demand universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support – of which the Alliance is a member.

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