I am a transgender person. I am just like you!

I am a transgender woman living in Latin America.

©Enrique Restoy and Monica LeonardoJust like you, I have dreams and wishes, responsibilities and rights.

But we differ in one way, my country does not recognise my gender identity. As a result I am excluded from enjoying education, health, work and my full rights as a citizen.

I experience fear. According to reports, every year, over 200 transgender people are killed in Latin America. This is over 80% of the world’s reported cases.

Hardly any of these murders get investigated.

I am afraid because the State itself controls my life through illegal detention, torture and extortion and by allowing transphobic violence to go unpunished.

My rights and my gender identity are not recognised and because of this I am more vulnerable to HIV and poverty.

The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Transgender People (Redlactrans) and the Alliance have launched the ‘Just Like You’ campaign.

The campaign urges our national governments to pass gender identity laws to guarantee right of every citizen to be who they are. Argentina has already passed this law – the first in the region.

Because we are just like you!

– If you want to take action as an individual, please use the form below to email governments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

– If you represent an organisation or institution and wish to endorse the ‘Just Like You’ campaign, please send an email to [email protected]

– Pulse aquí para la acción en español

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